School Board Meeting-Dec. 12, 2011

I attended Monday nights school board meeting and there were three things, no, four things that stuck out to me.

1. They are considering starting the school year 2 weeks earlier with the idea being this will help improve the MCA test scores. My understanding is that there will be 3 community meetings held in January with 2 in Dawson and 1 in Boyd to discuss this. Apparently most of the schools south of us are already doing this with little change in the test results. Now granted this was after one year and this really needs to be done for at least a couple more years before saying it is successful or not. My opinion is that if the statistics show that starting the year earlier would improve test scores, try it. It seems pretty simple to me.

2. The school board decided to extend the superintendent’s contract for another 18 months. He will be working 60% of the time which is 3 days a week. The total package including salary, full health benefits among other things will come to $84,700 and change. There will be a review after 6 months.

3. Pam Stenzel was recently at our school and also spoke over in Monte. For those of you not familiar with Ms. Stenzel, she has traveled the world speaking about issues of sexuality and the importance of abstinence. It sounds like it was very successful with lots of positive praise. We were unable to see her speak, but our daughter Abby did and she refuses to speak about it, which is kind of funny. Any who. I know there was concern allowing the 7th and 8th grade students hear her speak, but the school board decided to allow them to hear her, and I believe that was the right decision. Parents were allowed to hold their children out if they chose to do so and a few did.

4. A cool thing is going to happen this Friday morning in the Elementary school. Members of the football team will be having breakfast with the kids. I think this will be fun for all involved especially since some of these athletes have become “heroes” in the eyes on many of the kids.

That’s all I got. Feel free to comment.

UPDATE: If I have any of the facts wrong, please message me and I will correct them.

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  • Trish Burg  On December 18, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Thanks for the update!

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