Today’s News-Tuesday Dec. 20, 2011

1. Sean Penn is a communist ***hole!

2. Fingers crossed. Yes, for real.

3. But I thought he WAS the messiah?!?

4. Maybe he should worry more about the rights of Americans which he is taking away.

5. If Obama were to be elected again I can’t say I’d be totally against this.

6. I don’t know. This may be someone to keep your eye on. By the way do women get 72 virgins too? I don’t think so.

7. Oh, this is comforting.

8. Oh, I think you’re right Mr. Clinton.

9. You’re right Whoopi, until millions of people are killed. Too bad that’s not on paper though. Shut up and act, would ya!?!

10. Whew….At least I used electrical tape. Moron.

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