Today’s News-Saturday Dec. 31, 2011

1. I wonder if they are going to take it home and teach it how to fight with swords? (Sorry, Dane Cook joke)

2. So there has been a sign for the last decade that things were going to get bad but we ignored it.

3. Cry me a river. Forget the Obama stuff for a second and focus on the 18 to 29 year olds. There is nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s or Wal-Mart, or shoveling crap if that is the only job you can find. Don’t whine about your student loans. It’s not like you were the first to have them. Toughen up and get a job. There should be nothing “beneath” you.

4. Please stop. We don’t want Newt.

5. Shut up. Next thing you know they’ll want seances at every Burger King.

6. GOOD! What a bunch of frickin’ losers. When will they start protesting the President? Ya don’t think he is part of the “problem”.

7. OK. Walking in the pole is kinda funny, but seriously, don’t they have something better to do? It’s hard to pay off you student loans if you’re on the road all of the time protesting. Don’t ya thing?

8. Uh, couldn’t you do the same thing without the costume? I’m not sure if I get this one.


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