School Board Meeting-January 9, 2012

I attended another school board meeting. I’ve got to say, those meetings need to be moved out of that office and to some place a little more friendly and with more room. It’s not a very inviting room to walk into. I’ve heard a few people comment on this before and I’ve got to say I agree. On the plus side there were copies of the agenda available at the door which I don’t think has been there in the past. But anyway, move the meetings, I think it’ll help with attendance.

On to the agenda.

First off let me say this. I wish more questions would be asked of the items. Now granted I’m not sitting there with all of the info in front of me so maybe that’s one reason why there isn’t more. Moving on.

1. Jon Wager = Board Chair, Bruce Lund = Vice Chair, Kendall Stelter = Clerk, Ann Jensen = Treasurer

2. It was decided to amend the last set of minutes (I think it was) to list the super’s salary and his perks and none perks individually for historical and legal reasons. Good idea.

3. So the One Act Play wants to move the lighting for one week for safety and training reasons. Now I don’t know what the set up is, but it doesn’t sound very safe. This was tabled for further discussion. Someone in the room (who shall remain nameless) seemed to cop an attitude about this for some reason. Not sure what that was about or perhaps I was seeing things.

4. The board decided to award the bid for the fire alarm equipment to Protection Systems. This is one area I would have liked to have heard more of a discussion. But again, I didn’t have the bids in front of me.

5. Flexible Learning Year. It was brought up that this issue was discussed at a recent superintendent’s meeting and the consensus was that they were against a 2 week earlier start. I’d like to know some of the reasons. Also a survey was conducted amoungst some of the school staff and it was overwhelming for staying the same. I’d like to know why.

So it sounds like the 2 week early start has been dropped and they are now looking at a 1 week early start. There are 2 meetings planned in January for the Public to ask questions, but apparently these are also game/event nights so I imagine attendance will be low. I sensed they think this may be a good idea. So did I. A MONTH AGO!! Any who. They need to vote on this before Feb. 1st.

6. Side note: During discussion of the week changes and how that’ll affect this or that, there was talk of trying to get the 2nd quarter done before “holiday” time. Hippie.

7. There was some budget talk. Nothing too interesting here. Next year’s attendance will be down due to a smaller Kindergarten class. Hey I did my part, one of those will be mine! No staffing cuts planned, so that’s good. Plans to try and upgrade technology at the school. I heard talk of  the need for a “technology guy”. Technology guy, where have I heard  that before? Oh yeah. Coming out of my mouth over A YEAR AGO!!

Where was I? Oh yeah.

8. There was a discussion on communications at the school. What upgrades need to be made. Training the staff will be taking to improve on their skills along with the kids. I’m not completely sold on iPad’s yet, but I suppose it’s a little too late now.

9. It sounds like there is going to be more of a focus spent on reading, more specifically the kiddos in the Pre-school to 3rd grade range. The high school staff is reading a book called “The Power of ICU”. I’m going to check that out and see what it’s about. The elementary side is reading “The Education of Little Tree”. It’s about diversity. Is there a more abused term than diversity? I think not.

That is pretty much the “highlights” of the meeting. I could have been worse. I could have been home trying to get the kids to bed. (love you Heather)

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