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Dawson City Council Meeting Agenda for Jan. 17, 2012

Here’s next weeks city council agenda.

1. Call meeting to order. (duh)

2. Approve agenda

3. 10 min. public forum

4. Review and approve Dec. 2011 and year-end financial information.

5. 2012 Street Construction Plans (Jeff Kuhn with WSN will present the final Construction Plans for Council approval.

6. New police car quotes

7. required Pay Equity Report

8. Rural Service District Amendment

9. Committee Assignments

10. February 7th Council Meeting (due to state caucus the meeting date needs to move)

11. Dawson/Boyd Baseball team (want permits to hold 2 raffles)

12 City maintenance superintendent Brent Powers report

13. City Manager Dave Bovee’s report (Industrial Site Federal Grant application, RDC contract approval, Bolling Engineering contracts, Dawson Development annual meeting, Letter from Noah’s Ark

14. Adjourn meeting (go home now)


Dawson City Council Meeting Agenda for Jan. 3, 2012

Get the agenda before it hits the Sentinel (and before the meeting is done).

Meeting at 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm Public Hearing regarding modifications to our existing Urban and Rural Service District Ordinance.


1. Meeting called to order.

2. Approve agenda.

3. Approve consent agenda items 4 & 5.

4. Approve December 6th & 20th council minutes.

5. Designate the Dawson Sentinel as the official newspaper for Council announcements and publications. Designate Minnwest Bank Central, Dawson Co-op Credit Union and United Prairie Band as the official depository and investment agencies for the City of Dawson.

6. 10 minute public forum.

7. Parcel adjustments

8. Property assessment reduction-New owners of property the City assessed for clean up are requesting the City to forgive part or all of the assessment. New property owners will be present.

9. City Assessor payment

10. Street Project engineers payment.

11. Fire Service Fee Ordinance.

12. Water/Sewer Capital Fee Ordinance.

13. Urban and Rural Service Ordinance.

14. City Maintenance Superintendent Brent Powers report-Street light replacement on 6th street bridge.

15. City Manager Dave Bovee’s report-1. 2011 committees 2. EDA minutes 3. EDA commissioner appointment. Morrie Schacherer was the only interested pary who applied for the open member posit6ion.

16. Adjourn meeting.